Malibu escape


After suffering through a few days of unwelcome below-freezing temperatures, and multiple text conversations mentioning the misery of winter between me and a close friend, I thought we could use a vacation. Sadly my life isn’t that glamorous, so I settled on bringing the sunshine the next best way I know how, and I baked.

As much as I love everything pumpkin this time of year, I wanted a complete escape. I consulted Pinterest for tropical dessert ideas and pina colada bars sounded amazing. I adapted this recipe by exchanging rum extract for Malibu coconut rum. I used 1 tsp in the bars themselves and about 3 tsp (to taste) for the glaze. From the extra sweet rummy glaze to the perfectly flaky crust, these little guys were delicious!


But let’s backtrack to my original we-need-a-vacation thought. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen each other and I wanted to do something sweet (I love puns) and send him a tropically-themed care package (I also love gift-giving.) To cover the bases of my theme, I also procured a couple airplane bottles of tequila, a two-serving size bottle of margarita mix, a lei and hand crafted a palm tree card with a finishing touch of coconuts.


I was so excited about how it all came together and taped up my box, anxiously awaiting my lunch break when I could run by the post office for the send off. I had previously researched sending alcohol domestically via USPS but after setting my box on the scale and being prompted to answer the “flammable” question, I double checked with the lady behind that counter and got turned down. BIG bummer. Apparently alcohol has to be ground shipped which takes 7-10 days a.k.a the shelf-life of home baked goods. Womp.

I sent the bars anyway, along with the front half of the card that wasn’t written on yet, with a new message. He got the package yesterday and likes them, so mission (mostly) accomplished.