23 things on being 23


I’m merely five days away from being one year younger than a quarter of a century. But really, where has the time gone? It never ceases to amaze me the things I learn about myself and life with each year that goes by. Here’s a brief recap on year 23.

  1. You still don’t know what a decent savings account looks like but are hoping to figure that one out before you’re 30.
  2. You still won’t drink milk without Nesquick or espresso in it so you’re really just a sophisticated child.
  3. You ACTUALLY can make lifestyle changes for the better, and have.
  4. You should not have thrown away all of your skinny clothes. Against all odds you are once again a size 0. A size 0 with hips. Being 23 is confusing.
  5. Coworkers are not all going to be your built-in best friends. And that is okay.
  6. Not everybody is going to like you. And that is also okay.
  7. Friendships that were once broken can be fixed and become better than ever before. It makes you realize how stupid the things you once were willing to throw away a meaningful friendship for really are.
  8. Family is truly the most important. Even if those people come into your life in your twenties and love you despite all your flaws. Shout-out to the stepmom and bros.
  9. Putting up walls and pretending to be a coldhearted b**** to avoid getting hurt or let down again is 100% a waste of your time. YOLO….you still say YOLO.
  10. Let it go. And forever sing that in your head like Elsa in that song from a movie you’ve never seen but somehow know every word to anyway.
  11. You’ve taken your judgey cap off once and for all because it finally sunk in that literally every judgement you’ve made on a person has not been adequately correct.
  12. You look better with highlights and it’s worth the money to feel that much better about yourself when you look in the mirror or take a selfie 😉
  13. You still don’t know how you feel about selfies or yourself for taking them.
  14. You got back together with the love of your life and it’s the best and most terrifying thing that’s ever happened to you because you know what it is like to lose that person and do not ever want to feel that pain again but also know you can’t risk living without him and having an incredible life together.
  15. T-Swift still knows how to sing the songs that best describe your life. As a basic, dramatic and very white girl. And when you drink a lot of tequila you may have four people posting you interpretive dancing to her songs on their snap chat stories all at once. That may be the closest you ever get to being as famous as T-Swift herself.
  16. You still miss Spain and your Spain friends just like you left yesterday. It’s painful and beautiful and something you’re actually glad nobody else could ever understand. Cause you can’t sit with us.
  17. But your fram is there every day just a group text away and they are your ride or die. For life.
  18. You despise yellow jackets and they might actually be out to get you.
  19. You earned the credentials, Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered. GO YOU!
  20. Las Vegas turned out to be about as great as the shot of Sambuca you got purchased for yourself because of your brilliant British accent skills but you’d never change a single thing about that ridiculous night.
  21. You realized how much more intelligent staying in the loop on world events makes you sound and enjoy reading the Skimm every morning with your coffee from the Keurig you purchased like an adult this year. Treat yourself.
  22. You had a participant tell you how much you meant to her and how much she’d miss you when you transferred to another office. And you realized how you actually can touch and change lives just by caring and being kind even though most people you interact with daily make you want to live on a deserted island.
  23. Your life is actually pretty amazing so be sure to go into 24 with less complaints and a more grateful heart. Cause we’re never guaranteed another day, let alone another birthday.