fortune cookies know best

I was pretty unaffected when Snoop Dogg told me what to do with that big fat butt, but when a fortune cookie told me life is a wiggle, that got me thinking.


Yesterday I almost bought a new car. My aunt decided she wants to get a new one now so that when she retires in a few years she doesn’t have to deal with it then. She drives a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe with hardly any mileage and in excellent condition so as soon as she told me she was getting rid of it, I jumped on the chance to upgrade my little Dodge Neon. Within minutes we had a payment agreed upon and since I’m family, and she is an angel and spoils me and my bro, she wouldn’t be charging me interest. I could sell my car to take care of some credit card debt I wracked up last summer. Since I’m going to be living at home for a few years without having to pay rent this would be a prime time to handle my first car payment. I’d already been thinking about getting a new car for a few months just because I want something nicer to drive and would love 4WD for the icy mountain roads I have to deal with now during my commute. A perfect opportunity just fell into my lap…but then I had dinner with my dad and step-mom and I got that silly fortune and started thinking. Sometimes my brain starts firing thoughts quicker than I can keep up with and the cons of the me-purchasing-a-new-car list started developing.

  • My internship isn’t guaranteed and I won’t know for sure until June if I get it. Me taking on a car payment when I’m in this limbo is probably a terrible idea. I’d probably even be jinxing myself for being cocky about this whole situation. Who knows what could change as far as my location and financial responsibilities if I don’t get to complete my internship through WIC. If I have to apply for another program and move somewhere and pay for it, I don’t want the added expense of a car payment to hold me back.
  • I see myself moving to a big city in a few years and I’m not trying to have to deal with a SUV there. Ideally I wouldn’t even have a car if I lived in the city…but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • I love clothes and shoes and I spend more time in those than in my car. If I have to cut back on my shopping for a car payment, you better believe basic tears will start flowing.
  • And then there’s my wanderlust…how much traveling could I do with $13,000? A LOT.

I got pretty frustrated when I realized that I can’t get a new car because I’m waiting to know when I can get my internship and get one step closer to becoming an R.D. But I took a step back and thought about how petty I sound and also about the moment of clarity I had a few months back when I realized what my monthly student loan payment would be and how my spending habits would have to change. I am only 23 years old and I have plenty of time to achieve my dreams… and all the things I listed I can do if I don’t hinder myself with unnecessary expenses, and that’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

I’m in a weird place right now, living at home away from all my friends, I don’t have to study, I’m single and sometimes I go to bed at 8:30. I think that’s why I wanted the commitment of a car payment, because I feel like I’m just like floating around and have no clue what’s going to happen next. If I had a new car and a car payment, maybe that would change, maybe not. But I have all this time to spend time with my family and time to be selfish and focus on me, like 100% and I should definitely take advantage of that and stop trying to grow up any faster than I have to. It took a lot of back and forth thinking to get here, but now we know that’s because life isn’t a struggle, it’s a wiggle.