happy turkey day

This year my aunt and I are in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my dad’s side of the family. After deciding on an apple pie, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert, I realized chocolate was missing. Since this day is centered around turkey (and being thankful), I thought why not make chocolate turkey cupcakes? And that is how these little beauties were born.



A basic chocolate cupcake recipe. Dark cocoa instead of natural unsweetened cocoa will give a darker color and I prefer the taste.


For frosting, I used the recipe straight off the back of the Hershey’s cocoa container. Feeling a little adventurous, I added about 2 TBSP of peanut butter and used almond milk to go with the Reese’s flavors. The consistency of this frosting is perfect for piping! Since I didn’t have to worry about the presentation of the frosting as much, I just put it in a Ziploc bag, sealed the bag and snipped a piece of the corner off to quickly pipe a swirl of frosting on each cupcake.


Gold sprinkles are the next step.

I had wanted candy corn for the tail feathers because that was what I had seen online, however a few days before Thanksgiving apparently is not the best time to search for candy corn. My creativity thankfully kicked in while I was wandering the aisles of Walmart – Reese’s Pieces would make a perfect substitute! I placed five along the back of the frosting for each turkey.

These crunchy pieces of peanut buttery chocolatey goodness also worked for the beak. I used a knife to cut several of the orange pieces into fours. Use a large chef’s knife and they break apart just like you want them to!

Next I unwrapped the Reese’s cups and used a knife to make a slit on the center of the backs to stick a quarter of the orange Reese’s piece inside.

  A dab of black gel icing make simple turkey eyes.

The last step is setting the Reese’s cup on the frosting to put the head in place.

And wallah you have an adorable, delicious chocolate turkey!

My family was all over this baking project and named the turkeys. They also jumped for joy when I gave the o.k. for them to taste the frosting. I’m definitely feeling thankful for my family and the love and happiness they bring into my life.

And of course I’m thankful for chocolate.

Happy Thanksgiving!